Query and Obsession: What’s Your Favourite Chord Development as of Late?

A: Currently, I discover myself writing melodies over the 1–b3–b7–B6 [Editor’ Note: Am7-Cmaj7-G7-Fmaj7] development in a minor mode with all diatonic seventh chords. The voice main throughout the chords is tremendous easy and I can write melodies of some completely different moods over the identical chords.


Present obsession: In the previous few years, I’ve been actually into Muğam, the classical music from Azerbaijan. It has a lot fireplace and life in it, and is a really improvisational style. There are components of Persian and Turkish music in it, each of which I’ve performed for a very long time, however the Azeris definitely give it their very own authentic taste. The music may be very passionate sounding, and the ornamentation and microtones are actually thrilling to me. It’s been actually enjoyable translating that music to fretless guitar.

Jason Shadrick Affiliate Editor

A: I didn’t actually get concord till I studied it deeply in faculty. Certainly one of my favourite progressions born out of that season was 1–b7–b6–5, which is an effective way to apply descending dominant arpeggios, blues scales, and was copped by Setzer for “Stray Cat Strut.”

Stray Cats of their strutting period.

Photograph by Masao Nakagami

Present obsession: I’m engaged on an unannounced challenge that’s actually reinforcing my appreciation for being an everlasting scholar. Seeing guitarists on the top of their success get actual pleasure out of studying one thing new is simply as inspiring as listening to a ripping solo.

Ted Drozdowski Editorial Director

Photograph by Johnny Hubbard

A: I’m obsessive about D–G–F–D/G–Bb–D/Bb–A–D. I stumbled throughout it a number of years in the past after I was writing a track concerning the ghosts I stay with—metaphorically—and it match the haunting, haunted temper and my moderate-tempo fingerpicking. It comes from my fascination for Pink Floyd. Now, I’ve used variations for rockers and different tunes, to the extent the place I have to roadblock it.

Present obsession: Gigs! I’m presently embroiled in a serious inventive challenge that’s diverting my consideration from reserving and enjoying gigs, which is disappointing as a result of I’m eager for the musical and psychological well being advantages I get from performing.

Dan Lynch Reader of the Month

A: I take pleasure in shifting chords round in diatonic thirds, and utilizing a passing chord to get there. Thirds might be fairly boring should you go straight there, so utilizing a passing chord creates curiosity. For instance: Cmaj7–B7–Em7–Dm7–Galt–Cmaj7–Cmaj7–E7–Am7–Fmaj7–Fm7–Cmaj7.

Present obsession: I’ve all the time discovered enjoyment not simply within the enjoying of devices but in addition in constructing and modifying them as effectively. Lately I’ve gotten into constructing my very own pedals. It’s simply one other a part of the interest/obsession, the place I can calm down and do one thing with my fingers.